Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Best View of the Stage Eurovision 2014

Like the logo of this year’s Eurovision the stage is diamond shaped. Today in  Copenhagen Leaked the first pictures of the stage for the Eurovision Song Contest The head of show explains that DR tried to make it all come together to make some First reaction from the viewers is that they see the stage as a diamond. The two pictures that are Leaked that the stage can be very open and closed to make the 37 performances look different

Watch in Here All the Pictures of the stage Copenhagen is Ready !

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nueva Version Dancing in the Rain Ruth Lorenzo Eurovision España 2014

Mucho se ha hablado de "Dancing in the Rain", la propuesta de Ruth Lorenzo para el Festival de Eurovisión 2014. Las expectativas estaban muy altas en el caso de la murciana, y cuando TVE publicó las cinco canciones candidatas hubo quienes se desilusionaron con este tema y apoyaron, principalmente, a Brequette. En todo momento, Lorenzo aclaró que no era la versión final y aún faltaban muchos arreglos por hacer. Estos cambios ya están listos, justo a tiempo para la gala de preselección que organiza TVE, y los espectadores y posibles votantes podrán escuchar la versión definitiva el próximo 18 de febrero, tal como ella misma ha afirmado en Twitter. #DancingInTheRain pic.twitter.com/rLVzkDJRpc ? Ruth Lorenzo (@RuthLorenzo1) febrero 12, 2014 Ruth Lorenzo ha asegurado en numerosas entrevistas que este "Dancing in the Rain" tendrá mucha más fuerza. La principal novedad será la inclusión de instrumentos de cuerda que darán otra dimensión al tema que presenta la murciana para Eurovisión. También habrá un "beat" más marcado y estará acompañada de un coro góspel Espera la Nueva versión este 18 de Febrero y únete a nuetro chat en apoyo a Ruth con Eurofans de todo el continente

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Winner of Esc 2013 is Italy ??

THE PRESS AND THE ACCREDITED FANS HAVE SPOKEN.. In the survey carried out by accredited media fans and the press center of Malmö Arena Italy would be the winner.. and SPAIN would ranked the last position !!! 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Rehearsals Day 2 Eurovision 2013

For the rehearsals today Lithuania and Belgium had swapped positions. First on stage today was however the interesting act from Montenegro. This article is being updated after each rehearsal so don't remember to come back to read about your favourite and its competitors

Monday, May 6, 2013

First Rehearsals Day 1 Eurovision 2013

 Austria's Natália Kelly was the first of the artists to rehearse on the Malmö stage today. She will be followed by participants from Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia in the first half of the day. In this article, which will be updated after each rehearsal so Enjoy our chat Eurovision place here and watch the rehearsal video bellow

Monday, February 18, 2013

Glorious one Plagiarism of Euphoria ?

NDR want to play it safe. So he makes the winning song of the ESC preliminary decision “Glorious” the band Cascada check musicologically to rebut allegations of plagiarism.

after plagiarism allegations against the winner song “Glorious” at the German Grand Prix qualifying round of the NDR can check the song of the Bonn pop band Cascada. A musicological report had been commissioned on Sunday said a NDR spokesman, confirming a report by the Cologne “Express”. The song was chosen in a large ARD television show on Thursday for Germany’s contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Shortly after the event, there had been criticism that the song “Glorious” very much like last year’s winner-called “Euphoria”, the Swedish singer Loreen have. 

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Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas For Greece In Malmo

Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas
win the right to represent Greece in the forthcoming Eurovision to be held in Malmö. Koza Mostra feat. Agathona will sing the song Alcohol is free. The winning entry was selected by tele-voting and jury vote at a 50/50 split.

The show took place in Gazi Music Hall in the center of Athens. Four contestants competed in this year's Greek final and it was hosted by Giorgos Kapoutzidis, popular screenwriter, actor and presenter and Despoina Vandi, one of Greece’s top selling singers