Monday, February 18, 2013

Glorious one Plagiarism of Euphoria ?

NDR want to play it safe. So he makes the winning song of the ESC preliminary decision “Glorious” the band Cascada check musicologically to rebut allegations of plagiarism.

after plagiarism allegations against the winner song “Glorious” at the German Grand Prix qualifying round of the NDR can check the song of the Bonn pop band Cascada. A musicological report had been commissioned on Sunday said a NDR spokesman, confirming a report by the Cologne “Express”. The song was chosen in a large ARD television show on Thursday for Germany’s contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Shortly after the event, there had been criticism that the song “Glorious” very much like last year’s winner-called “Euphoria”, the Swedish singer Loreen have. 

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