Monday, February 4, 2013

Hanna Mancini her Song is Ready For Malmo

Hannah Mancini, the 2013 Slovenian Eurovision representative is very excited to represent Slovenia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.
The American singer sends a special message for all the Eurovision fans. She gave a short interview in English to RTVSLO where she reveals that she has written the 2013 Slovenian entry and is honoured to represent Slovenia in Malmo. She moved to Slovenia 6 years ago when merried with one Slovenian and has been working in the Slovenian musical industry since then

Τhe 2013 Slovenian entry will be presented in a press conference to be held on Thursday 14 February at 12 local time at the RTVLSO studios her Song it´s Gonna be Dance Genere with one Catchy Chorus maked by her

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