Monday, February 13, 2012

Eurofest Final Belarus 2012

Well Tonight is the selection of belarus 2012 For Eurovision in baku and we have here the detailts about the favourite to held the victory

Koldun the 2007 Belarussian representative gave a press conference today at at the Minsk Sports Arena in Minsk. He will performing tonight at the 2012 Eurofest final. During the press conference he shared his thoughts and experiences since his Eurovision experience in 2007. Koldun represented Belarus at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Work Your Magic, achieving the country's best Eurovision result ever, placing 6th.
BTRC has informed that during the press conference Koldun was asked if his life and career had changed since his 2007 Eurovision experience. He replied that nothing has changed since then for him, everything has been good and smooth. Currently he is working on his 2nd album and is planning to come back to Belarus soon.

He was also asked if he would give Eurovision another shot, to this the Belarussian star said that in today's day many singers don't understand what they want to get or achieve from the Eurovision Song Contest. He went on to mention that he thinks that everyone who competes in the contest should work hard in order to achieve a good result. He said if he comes across a good project and the time is right he would go ahead and take another shot at the contest. Hence he would go for gold in his quest to improve his current Eurovision result.

Koldun enjoys fame and success both in Belarus and its neighbouring countries Russia and Ukraine. Stay tuned to Noatiadictus and our International chat in this web eurofan !

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