Monday, May 7, 2012

Soraya Arnelas Swear Her Country "Spain Never will win Eurovision"

The Spanish representative of esc in 2009  has valued its way through Eurovision in an interview , according to her statements, Pastora Soler had better be entrusted with all her saints for the mess in which, as it has gotten to accept the invitation of TVE. , "Spain never has a chance of winning the contest" and can give us with a rock in the teeth if we were "among the top fifteen." this year !!!
The blonde Singer  now addicted to plastic surgery, revealed to the web "It was a psychological bump wrong and I came from Russia really sad and with depression in my life . Everyone wants to win when there is a contest and I am very competitive and could not be more good in moscow , could not be for many reasons one of then my bad peformace for guilty of TVE "

'Quedate conmigo', our trump card in this issue, shines only "thanks to the pastora´s voice." And her of advice can only go so loaded with poison, "May be prepared in every way, because then there are always doubts, and that has to go out and have to speak, I have many colleagues who have lived through much worse situations than mine in the Eurovision Song contest representing spain , and never they had spoken and that is not fair. "

is Soraya Jelous on Pastora ????? Let us know your opinion in the chat begin this page ¨

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