Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stage Ready for Rehearsals at The Crystal Hall

Photographs and video footage has been released showing the Crystal Hall in full working order as the hosts of his year’s Eurovision began their rehearsals in the Eurovision venue. Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand today confirmed to Eurovision.az that it was open for business, as the President cut the ribbon.

Previous meetings and rehearsals by the hosts, Leyla, Nargiz and Eldar, were held in Cologne, Germany. The Germans are running the TV show again this year, as they did last year. This year’s hosts have met with last year’s host , Anke Engelke, to get tips and advice.
It is still a secret as to what the stage will look like although there is a snippet in the video below. Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker oversaw proceedings today. This year’s acts begin rehearsals in the arena on 13th May Check this video and comment in our chat in the begin of our web

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