Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eurovision Romania David Bryan Webcam sex

A BRITISH man representing Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest was allegedly filmed performing a sex act while chatting to a female fan online.
David Bryan, 24, had apparently been unaware his web camera was on as he talked on the computer from a hotel room.

Romanian TV showed messages he was said to have sent to the girl, who took screen grabs.

But Eurovision chiefs in Romania shrugged off the scandal.

A spokeswoman said: "His private activities should not influence the way people view his music. The song has nothing to do with what he chooses to do at night."

Ex-welder Bryan, who also plays in a Pink Floyd tribute band, was chosen with his group Hotel FM in a TV vote.

He was discovered singing karaoke in a shopping mall in Romania after going there to help build an orphanage


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  2. The real story is, he was aware the webcam was turned on, he was doing what he was doing with another couple who were also doing the same thing, like a swing party through webcam, but the other couple had recorded what David and his girlfriend were doing without them knowing! their exists a program which can record the computer screen like "Camtasia" :)


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