Saturday, November 21, 2009


The two hosts dressed in white outfit and suit start the voting procedure. The hosts address the EBU scrutineer, Bjorn Erichssen who gives congratulations to all participants awarding them to all 12 points to start with. Each spokeperson will award points of 50% televoting and 50% jury. The votes will be awarded 1-5 automatically and 7-12 by the spokepersons. Congratulations to Ralf from the Netherlands the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The President of Ukraine along with the Prime Minister are on stage to award the trophy to Ralf

121 pts Netherlands
116 pts Armenia and Russia
113 pts Belgium
095 pts Ukraine
068 pts Georgia
068 pts Sweden
055 pts Malta
048 pts Belarus
034 pts Serbia
032 pts Cyprus
031 pts FYR Macedonia
019 pts Romania

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